$6 Lionel Richie tickets? WTF?

 This coming Tuesday, July 23rd, Lionel Richie is playing at Constellation Brands Performing Arts Center CMAC in Canandaigua, NY.  There is an excellent chance I will be going to that show.

First I’m a big Lionel fan, and I’m also a Finger Lakes Community College alumni.

I’ve lived in this area for over 35 years, and I’ve been to countless concerts at CMAC.   It’s your typical Summer Amphitheater. It holds a little over 15,000 (although the back fence can he expanded to have more when someone like Phish come to town and sell WAY over.  It’s about 25 minutes East of Rochester NY.  You also have Darien Lake which is about 25 minutes west of Rochester. However that’s a much larger venue, it holds close to 30,000.

With all this said, this is the 2nd most pathetic thing I’ve seen at a Finger Lakes show.  Selling $6 lawn seats?  At that point you might as well just give them away for free and hope the people buy a beer. You’d make more since a Beer at Finger Lakes is $8.50

The worst thing I ever saw at Finger Lakes was Hootie and the Blowfish in 1999.  They sold so few tickets, that the week leading up to it, Dave Matthews Band, and Steve Miller Band played there.  If you drove into the parking lot with at least ONE other person in your car, they patted you on the back, said you were carpooling and saving the environment, and gave you a FREE ticket to the show.

This isn’t that bad.  But $6 ticket ain’t good.