Sound Works 1982-1987


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Jed Speare is a crossover artist who has been working in sound, video, and performance for over thirty years. Sound Works 1982-1987 reflects his uniquely expressive practice of musique concrète-like analogue sound/field recording, editing, and mixing during that era. In 1982, Smithsonian Folkways issued his sound documentary LP Cable Car Soundscapes. Throughout the early ’80s, he recorded with San Francisco groups Research Library (appearing on the legendary Red Spot compilation), Ultrasheen, and Appliances. This 2-CD set collects five of Speare’s long-form compositions for the first time. Splicing together sources into towering movements used for stage and screen, these two hours of music take you to the heart of pure sound. Twelve-page booklet features an introduction by video artist and writer George Quasha, Speare’s detailed notes on each piece, rare photographs, and score reproductions. Re-mastered by Bhob Rainey (nmperign).


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